A Review of Gaviotas Album Assemble - Faces of Rock
 “The music by Gaviotas is a wild blend of untamed alternative punk rock, some of the aforementioned grunge as well as a dash of down the rabbit hole Nu metal moments. Unlike most stale, corporate rock music today...Gaviotas have been successfully inventing something that is surprisingly bold and different since they started in 2003.”

It Only Takes A Village: Interview With San Francisco Hero Simon Timony of Gaviotas
- Linda Thorlakson
"Timony thinks of himself as being a part of a movement in an unconventional sense. 'Usually in a movement,' he says, 'you want people to be behind you. I want to be behind people. I want people to know that I support them.'”

What You Need to Now About The Historic Paul McCartney-Nirvana Show  - Esquire
“This isn’t the first time Nirvana’s backed up a singer post-Cobain. Toward the end of his life, Kurt Cobain befriended Simon Fair Timony...In 1994, Timony played a short set...with his group, the Stinky Puffs, who for that one performance included Grohl on drums and Novoselic on bass. They ended their set with “I’ll Love You Anyway,” Timony’s heartbreakingly sincere goodbye note to his rock-star buddy.”

Check Out Muni Defender Simon Timony's Metal/Punk Band, Gaviotas
- SF Weekly
"A metal-punk hybrid with a flair for smooth melodies and political lyrics...Check out three songs [from Assemble featured] below, each of them aggressive but tuneful. Our favorite is the uncompromising 'One Look'"

Muni Honors San Francisco man who defended bus during World Series riots
- SF Examiner
"With his wounds now healed, Simon Timony — the 28-year-old San Francisco resident who was beaten up after attempting to stop a mob from wrecking a Muni bus after the Giants’ World Series triumph last week — was able to add a little levity to the ugly scene."

ABC7 Exclusive: Man who tried to stop Giants mob - ABC7 San Francisco
“Timony answered, 'You don't want to see anything like this happen to your city, you know, I'm the only one that should have a black eye, and not the city of San Francisco. I'm a product of this city, I'm a native son. And I'm so proud of everything it's given me. I wanted to give something back.'”