The life and death of life and death

"Some traditions can't be broken and should. Some traditions should be broken but can't." - Some Guy

 As with every maiden voyage some tradition must be taken to wish well a new endeavor. A shirt tail is cut off a student pilot after their first solo flight. Ships are christened by smashing a bottle of champagne on the hull before it leaves port (in France a ship gets a Godmother and Godfather) and if your friend releases a music album you're supposed to gift them one of those cheesy small ceramic houses your grandma probably had. I made that last one up. Because fuck tradition. And I've released 3 albums and really like tiny ceramic houses. Ahem.

   I don't own any shirts with shirt tails (I'm saying this for the sake of punk rock credibility) and I don't drink anymore, which is good because hitting my supermodel-thin macbook with a 3 pound bottle sounds fun, but expensive. I also trust there's never been an instance of a champagne bottle breaking a boat.

   So here is blog. I was told to start writing a blog in 1996 by my friend Vanessa. I think I had an aversion to writing a blog because the name blog sounds grody. Like the word blah and slug. Or slog. Or blubber and bog, a bog of blubber. If I had listened think of where I would be now - maybe a steady job writing online political hit pieces, or I could be a talking head on VH1 making fun of music videos (haha what the fuck are those?!)
   Also maybe because when I hear the term 'blog' I imagine a stereotypical entitled millennial going on about whiskey wood barrel smoked bacon. Or how someone on their favorite reality show is treating someone totally mean you guys. But maybe that's not actually accurate. Or even a bad thing. Maybe expressing yourself through the written word disseminated through free channels is, dare I say, a form of art. And if people who read what other people write find something that resonates and makes them feel better, or they learn something, then that's a good thing. Unless it's a white supremacist blog on how to make bombs and kill a bunch of people. Then that's not a good thing.

Blog. Maybe more like blissful-flog rather than blubber-bog. Blissful flogging is something I can get down with. But here it is. We will on the week be discussing, bitching, ranting and asking. I digress. I'm going to digress a-fucking-lot you guys.

   But here's why I'm really doing this: Something is incredibly wrong in the world and I don't know how to deal with it. I'm hoping you can help fix it, or at least make sense of it. Let's make sense of fucked up shit together.

   Damn that felt good to say. So here's what Gaviotas Weekly will be getting into:
  • Music - music philosophy - the music industry - why it sucks - why it's great - local San Francisco music scene - how we can defeat it with itself
  • Pop Culture - pop philosophy - why it sucks - why it's great - local pop art - how we can defeat it with itself
  • Movies - movie philosophy - the movie industry - why they suck - why they're great - the local movie scene - how we can defeat it with itself
  • Politics - political philosophy - the political industry - why it sucks - why it's great - local politics - how we can defeat it with itself
  • Fashion - fashion philosophy - the fashion industry - why it sucks - why it's great - local fashion - how we can defeat it with itself
  • Sports - sporting philosophy - the sports industry - why it sucks - why it's great - local sports - how we can defeat it with itself
  • Conventional Thinking - philosophy - why it sucks - why it's great - local thoughts - how we can defeat it with itself

Without further ado...

 - See, I really do like these fucking little houses! - 


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