Memorial Day

Elbo Room, 647 Valencia St., San Francisco

After you're done remembering how cool your grandpa was and setting off illegal fireworks, set out for the Elbo Room (647 Valencia) where bands will set off fireworks for ears.

GAVIOTAS - The Mud Lords - Peace Fiasco - Outer District

8pm 21+ only $6 (yes $6 bucks)

About the bands:

  • Gaviotas have just wrapped up recording in LA with Prog-Metal guru Paul Masvidal (Cynic, Death) and twice Grammy nominated engineer Jason Donaghy (Band of Horses, Sum 41) for their next release 'Coming Out.' Gaviotas plays a melodic Alternative / Punk / Metal brew influenced by Muse, System of a Down, and (duh) Nirvana. Lyrical influences are from Joe Strummer/Mick Jones, Chuck Palahniuk, and Greg Proops. Gaviotas believes that a tight, energetic live show is as important as well forged studio work.

  • Balls to the wall rock-and-roll! The Mud Lords is a five-piece female-fronted rock band, taking after the likes of Dead Weather, with a bit of Janis Joplin, and Joan Jett thrown in for good measure. Get hard and we'll get you harder, with a sexy punch of shredding guitars and hot as hell vocals. This is modern-day classic rock that will give your guts something to talk about!

  • Peace Fiasco is a Nü Metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area, founded by guitarist Clark Straub and vocalist Justin Telmo. Influenced by the likes of Deftones, Linkin Park, and Korn, the band combines aggressive detuned riffs, funk-influenced grooves, and a variety of vocal styles resulting in a sound that is at once both heavy and catchy. Since the completion of the band’s current lineup in November 2015 (adding guitarist Nick Patti, drummer Josh Chouinard, vocalist Jean Pierre Viellenave, and bassist Nate Cox), they have released a three song demo entitled “Patient Zero” and built a following for themselves with clever songwriting, honest, provocative lyrics, and high energy showmanship.The band's latest releases and info can be found

  • Outer District is a post-garbage alternative dump rock band based in San Francisco, CA. Originally forming their musical bond in the shadow of Candlestick Park, the members of Outer District are longtime friends who come from a variety of backgrounds to create bracing yet thoughtful rock and roll noises. Drawing from a wide array of influences and genres, the band's original material tackles subjects such as urban sprawl, coastal erosion, and social unrest. Noted comedian Sean Patton has declared Outer District to be a "garlic bread rock" band, resulting in a tasty concoction of sounds that has resonated with audiences throughout the Bay Area and beyond.